Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper

Studies are not only a means of getting to have certificates and be classified as a learned person. Rather it is a forum and an opportunity to be informed of what the true value of human existence is all about and the various events and forces that influence human behavior. Social justice is one of the factors that influence cohesive existence and it closely related to respect for life. I have come to learn that racism and discrimination, revolution, distribution of resources and world power systems. The main aim of this paper is to summarize the lessons learnt during the course, the feelings they provoke and the value of the lessons in future professional or personal life.


Feeling about Future Professional and Personal Life

In my future career I will have my focus in supporting feasible Revolution ideas because our society seems to be dangling on a loose thread of challenged values since they have been so ineffective to deliver to us a just society. Revolution has been limited to reading and speaking a lot but no practicing. This is doing the same things everyday and expecting different results (HamptonP.458). I have to join the number of men and women who would stand to be counted as crusaders for justice seem to have been declining with the passage of time. I cannot in the present era point out anyone as a crusader for justice just as Wells-Barnet and other people such as Emerson and his accomplices who rose to defend the unit of the Negro workers.

I have now come to understand that lynching is another form of justifiable killing which is said to be a color-line murder and therefore fuelled the fight against racism whereby if there was a mass lynching, only 10% would comprise of the whites. The discrimination of the black people in the Southern commonly referred to as Negros though meager payment and being suspects for crimes they never committed. Discrimination is that harsh to an extent of ensuring the white man’s bones come in contact with those of the black man “Ida B. Wells Barnet (Crusader”, P.92).

Through this course I have learnt that for justice to be done in a given social problem that is affecting the masses, revolutionary leaders have to rise up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. I am inspired by many leaders I have come across such as a black Patrick Henry to stand up in future and be an advocate for the minority which have been trampled by reigning powers. For instance, certain discriminated immigrants who get deported once caught, war soldiers who undergo traumas without proper compensation and medical attention and counseling probably because they belong to a given race and champion for the cases of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison have been heard and justice done. This will only be achieved only if I will be in a position to free myself and the victims of such issues from the stigma of cowardice. The suffering minority need to be awakened to sense the danger they and consequently the world may be facing and the solution will be to rise from their lethargy (Race and Southern Worker, P.186-187).


My Various General Reactions

I find it strange that some black people took the title used by the whites which may have played a role in reducing racism. Black people who were in the same social class with the whites were commonly referred to as “better class”, a term known to refer to the whites. Therefore, fighting racism is basically doing some things which are different and thought to be impossible for, instance, shaking hands between a Southern white capitalist and a black capitalist and referred to him as a brother and a gentleman (Race and Southern Worker, P.186-187).

It is really surprising that we have we have systemic forms of inequality which are race, gender and class. As we all appreciate the role of these characteristics, I noticed that understanding their meaning will help to comprehend the positive and negative influence they may impart in our live. The impact of racism in an institution is different than when analyzing its impacts in an individual.  I realized at this point that there is a smooth intersection between race, class and gender with nationality, and ethnicity and sexuality, issues which are paramount in the society today.

It is interesting to note that   some people have come to believe that racism is a thing of the past since the barriers that formally caused racial discrimination. Race is not bad since because some individuals from a given race show some predominant abilities such as the noticeable basketball teams comprising young men of African American (“Systems of Power and Inequality”, P. 60-66)


The course was very informative concerning justice in the whole world through abolition of racism, gender and class. There is need to have revolutionary minds ready not only read and speak change but be part of that change though practice. Probably, Guinea, which Olaudah Equiano says neither where he says people lead a simple life such as eating plain food, no master nor people sweating for others and where people are not after the luxuries because of their simple manners (Equiano, P.10). I am now equipped to give the issue of racism a new constructive picture and condemn squarely where its negative impacts are felt. I find the information on revolution very powerful for it is the basis on which the world can be built to make a better home.

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