About TeamUpHere.com

What are we?

We’re a skills swap site or barter site or even just share site. Basically, an online forum where we can swap, trade, barter or share our skills and services with other members. It’s a place to team-up with others who are willing to barter their skills and services. There are no barter currencies or points, no-one decides how much particular skills or services are worth and no complicated systems of trading. It is simple barter – you find someone who wants your skills, or they find you, and you sort your own deal. It’s a great way to do business and it can be great fun as well.

Where are we?

We are based in Devon and the website covers the whole UK. The vast majority of our members are from all across the UK. But, if your from overseas and want to get involved, please let us know – we’re constantly developing the site and we’re always looking for new ideas.

Who are we?

Simple, TeamUpHere.com is EVERYONE who participates in the website – without the members, the site cannot work! We hope you will join us and spread the word of what we’re trying to do – the more people we have using the site, the more we will all benefit.

The TeamUpHere.com team


How did we start?

We are an Exeter couple (Karen and Stewart Gordon) and we were looking to team up with someone who could help them develop a new web-based card game that Karen had designed. We didn’t really know how to find someone, so turned to the Internet for help.

It was while conducting seemingly endless searches that Karen had another idea! What if there was a website where you could simply put in the details of what you had to offer (Karen’s web-based card game) and the details of what you were looking for (a web game developer and an investor).

So was born the idea TeamUpHere.com.